How did we get to 2020? In some ways it doesn’t seem all that long ago since we chimed in the Millennium, but in others that feels like a lifetime ago; but here we are. 2020 – A new year and a new decade.

I’m not a big one for resolutions – I’ve always thought it was strange how people would only really plan changes to their lives and the goals that related to what they wanted to do with their lives to a single burst once a year.

I plan daily, every day – I have a set of goals I want to achieve, some are literally things to do that day, others are parts of projects and commitments that may carry over weeks, months or even years – but following up with those plans every day means I never lose sight of the goals I’m setting myself and of the cadence of progress and the realism of my self-imposed deadlines.

I have high hopes for 2020, I’m already working toward many goals and waypoints that I hope to complete this year, some indeed cover this whole year and into the next and the one after that. It’s going to be an exciting year, my newly reorganized and rebranded agency has an ambitious set of expectations that will not only test my abilities but also mean that I have to step up my game and beat back bad habits that I know hold me back. I’m launching my own YouTube channel for creatives and makers and our plans to move to North America will continue to come together; it’s going to be a year of hard work, investing in myself, continuous improvement and learning and putting my head clear above the parapet once again.

I can’t wait!

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