Daily bread

I’m slowly getting the hang of bread – after many years of running scared from the room at the idea of making anything doughy – I’ve steeled myself and have come to terms with my fear of making a bad loaf and then consequently feeling bad at myself for having wasted my time.

I’m now quite comfortable making basic white and wholemeal loaves in rounds, batons and in traditional loaf tins, and I’ve even been experimenting with everything from additional ingredients to finishes including butter glazes straight out of the oven and more, but I have a confession to make: as nice as home made bread is it’s all very artisanal, and sometimes all I want is a fluffy white uniform store bought loaf.

There I said it, the cats out of the bag – there’s just something about the way that, loaded with sausages or bacon, it’ll stick to the roof of your mouth, absorbing all the fat, or toasted it’ll soak up butter till it’s almost soft again. It’s not classy it’s not diet friendly, but it can be supremely comforting: so I’d like to put it out there to baking friends – how can I make something that’s a good analog of your basic white store bought loaf at home for moments when only trashy will do?

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