Returning to content creation.

I’m back: but I’m still angry – angry but hopeful that we’re making waves now that can’t be ignored. I’m going to start returning to posting new content on here, as well as to instagram and the new Youtube channel.

That all being said, just because the hashtags have quietened, the fight for a more equitable society must continue: so expect to see a continued presence of resources and news in my stories, tweets and here on the blog: the performative activism may have died down, but the issues remain – and I feel that I should use my voice and my talents to continue highlighting them: all creative people should.

I don’t believe however that we can continue to do that without earning our keep: as much as many people have said that every post should be one of protest the simple fact remains that without funds to continue we’ll all be too deep in our own problems to be useful.

But don’t worry, we might be returning to work – to some level of normality – but we still have your backs.

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