Neil A. Evans


I’ve kept an electronic journal in one form or another since 1994, and I’ve been keeping a web site for almost as long, which I think makes me an relatively early adopter, and on my reckoning, this must be the tenth version of the site taking into account the various domains and designs it’s had over the years since long before the Millennium.

Over that time I’ve tried all sorts, blogging, long form thought pieces, early forays into vlogging and audio notes (using real player – yes I’m that old). Some varitations were undoubtedly more successful than others, but I’ve enjoyed making all of them – dumping brain to the internet has proved to be a cheap, and – it must be said, effective form of therapy and over the years what started as a simple calling card has developed into at one time or another a journal, a photolog, a recipe book, creative tips and tricks, a vlog, commentary on news that interests me and archives of the various adventures and projects I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in.

People used to ask what I use to produce these elements; but that feels less and less important these days – there are so many tools out there you can use that there’s no right way of doing it – so long as it works for you. For me I have a Mac Studio, I use Adobe’s creative suite, Boris FX, Traktor and Notion to pull everything together, and this site currently runs on WordPress.

All of this couldn’t happen without the espresso machine, millions of songs, my beloved hi-fi with it’s Bower & Wilkins speakers, as well as copious amounts of biscuits and tea provided by the ever winsome Dave; without whom there simply wouldn’t be a site as he’s forever inspiring me to create, as well as barreling into my code to fix the horrid mess that I tend to make the first time around.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the hardware, gear and accessories I recommend you can check out my kits at