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I’ve been a content producer of one sort or another for a very long time – since before I’d even left high school I was writing zines, and since then I’ve created material for radio, magazines, tv, film and online in the form of blogs and forums and apps.

I’ve created content that ranges in scope from; just for myself to materials that were developed intentionally for broadcast, sometimes recorded – sometimes even live in front of a studio audience.

It’s not like I’ve been ignoring Youtube all together , there’s a lot of material on YouTube that I’ve had something to do with, whether it’s a channel that my agency has produced, recordings of me on other platforms, films and music videos we’ve made, or whatever – but I’ve always shied away from being the focus of the output myself; which is weird in that I’ve been a broadcaster for a long time, but I’ve always struggled to find a motivation to use YouTube in that way when there’s already so many other great content producers on the platform producing materials that cover so many of the topics I’m interested in.

That said, I’m taking the plunge – I’m at a stage in my career where I want to be able to pass on knowledge and ideas, I want to be a mentor and a helping hand to other creators, makers and innovators; and I believe that YouTube is exactly the platform to do that on. So over the last few months I’ve been planning, testing out some formats, getting a set up together for filming that’s professional enough to satisfy my expectations of quality without also turning my studio or my home into a full scale film production every time I want to share something new and shiny.

So stand by, a video that basically says what this blog post says now will be arriving very shortly, after that I think I’ll be using this digital space as a scrapbook and archive for the materials on the channel. If I want to write I still will – and that long form will end up here – but at heart, I’ve always been a broadcaster: and I’m happiest when I’m using that medium, so that’s the new adventure that I’m about to embark on with YouTube, you can ‘smash’ the subscribe button before there’s even any content there if you like – you’ll find my channel at:

The importance of inspiration

I don’t take many days off – I don’t mean like sick days, or weekends though, I mean days out of my studio where I clear my head of what’s going on in the shop and instead broaden my creative horizons: I know I’m bad at this, I know it’s something I should do more of, and yes – I know that not only do I have the time to do this, but I must actually do this thing for my own personal well-being.

Simply put, you can’t create in isolation – it’s not healthy for your soul, it’s not healthy for your work and it’s not healthy for your skillsets: because while you’re stuck in your own bubble you’re ignorant of new trends, methods and ways of working.

So today, inspired somewhat by having recently read and then obsessively re-read and re-listened to Adam Savage’s amazing new book Every Tool’s A Hammer, I decided to engage with other creatives, and hopefully learn or be inspired by the work of the masterful Stanley Kubrick.

Now I have been a Kubrick fan for as long as I can remember – he’s up there in my top three with Guillermo del Toro and Quentin Tarantino of directors who capture light and life with a level of obsessiveness that appeals to my own creative passions – so I consider it a huge honor to be able to lift the veil on the processes of his work, and I knew that I just had to spend the afternoon absorbed in the Kubrick Exhibition at the Design Museum in Kensington.

Boy oh boy, if you’re a Kubrick fan, or a fan of film generally, this is an exhibition you shouldn’t miss, I spent all afternoon gushing over meticulously constructed props, endless reams of hand-written production notes, insane lenses and edit rigs that brought his ideas to life and of course the thousands of archive photos of productions.

I cannot recommend this exhibit enough, which runs until the 17 September here in London, go do yourself a favor, set your creativity alight right now.