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A morning walk.

It’s January 9 and it’s warm enough to go for a walk in jeans and a tee: that doesn’t feel normal at all – but the skies were beautiful and the light was definitely favoring photographers so I grabbed my camera and went for a walk.

Supporting Makers

Creative people don’t work for free – or at least, they shouldn’t – you can’t pay your rent with ‘exposure’; and although many, myself included, do offer pro bono work, advice and giveaways it should always be remembered that that’s done on our terms – we choose to do so because we want to share the experience.

But to continue sharing experiences you need to get out there and support makers: and what better time to share the love than in the run up to Christmas! With that in mind we took ourselves off to the Yokimono Japanese Christmas Market this morning. It was packed full of unique makers selling everything from beautiful stationary to kimono, furoshiki, stunning glassware and more.

For ourselves we picked up this stunning numbered original by Saki & Bitches – who I can totally recommend for a mash up of classic Japanese imagery mixed in a mighty blend of tattoo culture and Americana, seriously go and check them out today you won’t be dissapointed.