Neil A. Evans


So the world changed while I was taking a sabbatical from writing; populism with undertones of proto-fascism has swept across the western world; fed by foreign actors and fake news – fueled by an ever increasing disparity between rich and poor, the informed and uninformed, and the feeling that there is an unassailable rift between generations.

Trump, Brexit, the GOP, Theresa, Mogg, UKIP, Putin, Farage, Banks, Assange… I have only one thing to say about them – Damn them all. 

I don’t intend to spend any time writing about them – my view is, that the damage has been done, I can’t begin to articulate the level of stress – I know I don’t need to – if you’re reading this I know you’ll understand the lost nights, the illnesses, the depression, the black cloud that’s hung over society like a funeral pall: rehashing the failures of these politicians doesn’t help: all we can do is move forward.

What matters now are new beginnings and allowing my generation to change the world for good: fixing our political system, healing our environment and making our society a fairer, kinder place.

So I intend to write about change, personal change, societal change, environmental change. I intend to write about hope.

Photo Credit: Neil A. Evans © 2018
Photo Location: Romney Marsh, Dungeness, Kent, England.
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