Neil A. Evans


I love B-roll, I think it’s probably the most overlooked part of so many YouTube channels that get all up in your face without even showing you the world they exist in. It’s important to set the scene of your story, and over the last few days I’ve been shooting some b-roll around my studio and around London to give a bit of life to my upcoming YouTube channel.

I definitely want to keep the best of it for the videos, but this time lapse was too pretty not to share: this was shot on a go pro with a clockwork motion mount capturing a frame every ten seconds, it was color graded in Adobe Premiere using the BorisFX Continuum plugin.

I also wanted to see what the 4K 24fps was like off the iPhone X when it was conformed and color matched for those times when I might want to capture something but not have my SLR or an action cam with me. I have to say I’m quite genuinely impressed with the way this footage of sugar slipping into an espresso in my kitchen came out, considering it’s shot under very average IKEA LEDs on a phone; the footage took color correcting nicely and the image was sharp even when scaled to 1080p.