Neil A. Evans

The things you carry with you

The internet is obsessed with flat lays and I was asked on my instagram to do a flat lay of my gear for work, but I took one look at the multiple flight cases of gear and thought better of it – because we’re all allowed to have lazy moments eh?

I promise I will get around to a proper break down of the kit that we use day to day in the production studio – but I thought that would actually make a much more interesting video than just a plain read with a few photos, so stand by, it’s on my list of things to shoot.

What I will share today is my daily carry: these are items that I almost always have on my person or in my immediate vicinity, and having taken the photo earlier I’ve already realized that it’s missing at least two essentials that I never have far from my person: those being ‘a’ watch – as I don’t like being tied to just one watch – and my Moleskine which I use literally every day for my daily lists and idea iteration.

For those that might be interested, what we’ve got here comprises:
Shades: Oakley Frogskins™ Grips
Wallet: Herschel Supply Roy Wallet
Pen: Fisher Pen Co. Bullet Pen
Earbuds: Sony MDR-EX450AP
Lighter: Zippo with custom USA plate
Knife/Multi-tool: Generic (Actually it’s a gift from ATI Radeon)
Phone: Apple iPhone X with @productred case.

So there you go, I promise a video detailing the production tools I use at Neil Evans / Creative will be online at YouTube soon, but I hope you’ve found this interesting – share in the comments or back on instagram or twitter the daily essentials you won’t be found without, I hope to hear from you soon!